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Transcripts (by Matthias, Live Forever, Mixter and Veneto)

Film Mission

The Immortality Institute’s science documentary, Exploring Life Extension, aims to create a realistic impression of the modern scientific pursuit of Life Extension.

The documentary includes interviews with authors from the Immortality Institute’s book, The Scientific Conquest of Death, plus more than 80 other individuals working to advance Life Extension.

The first screening of the film was held at the Immortality Institute’s Nov 5, 2005 Atlanta, GA Life Extension Conference.

Film Funding

Independently, or on behalf of their respective organizations, seven individuals have thus far contributed $31,450 toward the film project.

Brian Cartmell - CEO & President Cartmell Holdings LLC

James Halperin - Author The First Immortal

David Kekich - CEO Maximum Life Foundation

Saul Kent - Pres. The Life Extension Foundation

Martine Rothblatt - Founder Terasem Movement Foundation

Joe Waynick - CEO & Pres. Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Thor Christensen - ImmInst Full Member

Kevin Perrott - ImmInst Lifetime Member

Catarina Lamm -ImmInst Full Member

Sasy_Kumar - ImmInst Full Member

Participating Interviewees

Traveling more than 25,000 miles by car to 15 states, Bruce Klein has interviewed more than 80 individuals, including the following:

Michael Roy Ames Ames, Michael Roy - Pres. Singularity Inst. - Canada
Sonia Arrison Arrison, Sonia - Director of Technology Studies at the California-based Pacific Research Institute (PRI).
Robert Bradbury Bradbury, Robert - Founder Aeiveos Corporation
Michael Cooper Cooper, Michael - ImmInst Lifetime Member
Justin Corwin Corwin, Justin - ImmInst Editor
Antonei Csoka
Csoka, Antonei B., Ph.D. - Assistant Professor Pittsburgh Development Center

James Dale Dale, James - ImmInst Member
Aubrey de Grey de Grey, Aubrey, Ph.D. - ImmInst Honorary Member
João Pedro de Magalhães de Magalhães, João Pedro, Ph.D. - Postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School
Ben Best Best, Ben - Pres. Cryonics Institute
Robert Ettinger

Ettinger, Robert - Author The Prospect of Immortality and Man Into Superman

Gustavo Faigenbaum Faigenbaum, Gustavo - ImmInst Editor
Faloon, William - Vice Pres. Life Extension Foundation
Susan Fonseca-Klein Fonseca-Klein, Susan - ImmInst Director
Jerome Clayton Glenn Glenn, Jerome Clayton - Executive Director of the American Council/United Nations University and
Director of the Millennium Project
Dave Gobel Gobel, David - CEO Methuselah Mouse Prize
Ben Goertzel Goertzel, Ben, Ph.D. - CEO of Biomind LLC
Louise Gold Gold, Louse Evelyn - Adaptive AI Inc.
John Grigg Grigg, John - Manager of the Creekside Preserve Lodge and Advisor and Secretary for The Society for Venturism
Halperin, James - Author The First Immortal
Robin Hanson Hanson, Robin, Ph.D. - Assistant professor of Economics at George Mason University
Michael Hartl Hartl, Michael D., Ph.D. - Pres. Quark Sports LLC, Visitor in Physics, California Institute of Technology
Chris Heward Heward, Chris, Ph.D. - Pres. Kronos Science Laboratories Inc.
Duane Hewitt Hewitt, Duane - ImmInst Editor
Rudi Hoffman Hoffman, Rudi - Certified Financial Planner, Cryonics
James Hughes Hughes, James J., Ph.D. - Author of Citizen Cyborg and Sec. of the World Transhumanist Association
William Hurlbut Hurlbut, William B., M.D. - Program in Human Biology
Stanford University; President's Council on Bioethics
Tanya Jones Jones, Tanya - COO Alcor Life Extension Foundation
Kekich, David - CEO Maximum Life Foundation
Michael LaTorra LaTorra, Michael - Director World Transhumanist Association
Max More More, Max, Ph.D. - Chairman Extropy Institute
Peter Passaro Passaro, Peter - Laboratory for Neuroengineering; Georgia Institute of Technology
Mike Perry Perry, Michael R., Ph.D. - Patient Care Assistant, Alcor Life Extension Foundation
David Pizer Peterson, Christine - Vice Pres Foresight Institute
David Pizer Pizer, David - Former Alcor Vice President, current owner of the Creekside Preserve/Ventureville
Charles Platt Platt, Charles - Author of many popular science fiction novels, co-founder of CryoCare and former director of suspension services for Alcor Foundation
Reason Reason - ImmInst Director; Founder Longevity Meme
Michael Rose Rose, Michael, Ph.D. - Professor, University of California, Irvine; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Kenneth X. Sills Sills, Kenneth X. - ImmInst Director
John Smart Smart, John - Founder Acceleration Watch
Rafal Smigrodzki Smigrodzki, Rafal  M., M.D.,Ph.D. - Instructor of Clinical Neurology, University of Virginia
Lorrie Hull Smithers, Ph.D. Smithers, Lorrie Hull, Ph.D. - Cryonics Member, Alcor
Philip Van Nedervelde Van Nedervelde, Philip - Executive Director, Foresight Institute Europe; CEO Founder E-spaces
Natasha Vita-More Vita-More, Natasha - Pres Extropy Institute
Peter Voss Voss, Peter - Pres Adaptive AI Inc.
Shannon Vyff Vyff, Shannon - ImmInst Full Member
James Swayze James Swayze - Cryonics member Cryonics Institute, volunteer administrator of Rejuvenation Engineering News at - ImmInst Chat
Kennita Watson Watson, Kennita - ImmInst Full Member

Waynick, Joe - CEO Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Randy Wicker Wicker, Randy - ImmInst Advisor
Brian Wowk Wowk, Brian, Ph.D. - Senior Physicist, 21st Century Medicine,

Eliezer Yudkowsky

Yudkowsky, Eliezer - Director Singularity Institute

Film Team

Bruce J. Klein is the film’s Director and Editor. Additional support provided by the Immortality Institute’s Leadership Team

Main Questions from Bruce while filming:

What prompted you to explore life extension?
How long do you want to live and why?
What is the biggest hurdle to life extension?
What technologies are most promising for life extension and why?


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