ImmInst's mission is to conquer the blight of involuntary death.

Immortality Institute Constitution & Bylaws

Article I. -- Identity

Article II. -- Mission & Function

Article III. -- Membership

Article IV. -- Leadership Positions

Article V. -- Meetings & Voting Procedures

Article VI. -- Budget

Article VII. -- Definitions

Article VIII. -- Enactment

Bylaw A - ImmInst User Agreement & Disclaimer

Bylaw B - ImmInst Membership Dues Structure

Bylaw C - ImmInst Leadership Positions

Posting Guidelines

Article I. -- Identity

  • Section 1 -- Name

    The name of this nonprofit organization shall be “The Immortality Institute” or “Immortality Institute”, abbreviated to “ImmInst” and heretofore referred to as such by this constituting instrument.

  • Section 2 -- Duration

    The duration of ImmInst shall be perpetual.

  • Section 3 -- Registered Address

    The seat and registered address of the organization is -- Birmingham, Alabama 35206, United States of America. The Immortality Institute shall have the power and right to establish and maintain offices and to engage in business at any other place or places within or outside the State of Alabama.

  • Section 4 -- Register

    This organization known as “Immortality Institute” was registered on the 3rd September 2002 in the State of Alabama, USA.

  • Section 5 -- Internal Regulation

    ImmInst shall be regulated by these articles of incorporation hereafter referred to as “Constitution” and by the Bylaws set up in accordance with this Constitution.

Article II. -- Mission & Function

  • Section 1 -- Main Mission

    The mission of ImmInst is to conquer the blight of involuntary death.

  • Section 2 -- Umbrella Organization

    ImmInst shall function as an umbrella organization to help its members succeed in working towards the possibility of human physical immortality. This Institute shall serve as a platform for the exhibition, exchange, debate, and creation of concepts and methods toward that end as well as to physical immortality.

  • Section 3 -- Independent Society

    ImmInst is formed as an independent society of private individuals. It shall not merge with, become a subset of, or become solely dependent upon any other organization, institution, or individual.

  • Section 4 -- Nonprofit Educational & Charitable Organization

    ImmInst is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes as may qualify it as exempt from federal income tax under applicable sections of the Internal Revenue Code (1986), as amended, or corresponding section(s) of any future federal tax code. Notwithstanding any other provisions in this Constitutions or in the Bylaws, ImmInst shall not engage in any activities that would endanger its status as exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or its status as a corporation, contributions to which are deductible under Section 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Article III. -- Membership

  • Section 1 -- Honorary Members

    Honorary Members may be elected on account of their independent achievements that are consistent with the goals and interests of ImmInst or on account
    of specific efforts made on behalf of ImmInst. Such honorariums may be designated for specific periods, to include “lifetime”. Honorary Members do not have the same rights and obligations of Full Members unless they also chose to become Full Members. They are elected by referendum.

  • Section 2 -- Full Membership
    1. Full Membership shall be granted to any private individual who makes a valid membership donation.
    2. The amount and circumstances constituting a membership donation shall be specified in Bylaw B “Donations constituting an
      ascension to Full Membership.”
    3. Membership donations as all other donations are generally non-transferable and non-refundable.
    4. A member whose Full Membership status is in doubt (e.g. because of unresolved finances or because of a likely violation of the user agreement (Bylaw A)) cannot be considered a Full Member “in good standing” until the matter is resolved as determined by directorial vote.
  • Section 3 -- Cancellation of Membership
    1. All members can cancel their membership by giving written notice to the Board of Directors.
    2. An honorary member can lose membership stat us if the specified time that was designated in their election has passed, or if at any time in violation of the user agreement (Bylaw A). Whether this is the case shall only be determined by referendum or by authoritative directorial vote. The member must be notified in writing.
    3. Full Members can lose membership status if at any time in violation of the user agreement (Bylaw A), if their membership status is no longer supported by donation as designated in (Bylaw B). Whether this is the case shall only be determined by authoritative directorial vote. The member must be notified in writing.
    4. All membership arrangements automatically end with the dissolution of ImmInst. Membership does not end automatically with what is considered the physical death of a member.

Article IV. -- Leadership Positions

  • Section 1 -- Leadership Positions

    ImmInst shall be led by the Board of Directors, and other leaders as outlined in Bylaw C.

  • Section 2 -- Pro Bono

    ImmInst leaders shall serve without remuneration. Reasonable and necessary expenses may be incurred.

  • Section 3 -- Board of Directors
    1. Responsibility

      The Board of Directors (the Board) is the highest decision making body of ImmInst. Directors shall determine ImmInst procedure and policy, and vote on issues important to pursuing its mission. All corporate powers shall be exercised by or under authority of the Board of Directors except as may otherwise be provided for in this Constitution and the Bylaws.

    2. Board Set-up

      The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) individuals. Four (4) Board members will be elected by special referendum on even number years (starting 2004) to serve a two-year term. The other three (3) Board members will be elected on odd-number years (starting 2005) to serve a two-year term. There are no term limits. Directors shall be elected by special referendum as described in this Constitution.

    3. Chair & Treasurer

      A Chair and Treasurer shall be chosen from the Board. A vote will be taken by the Board within eight (8) days after the Director's elections to determine the new Chair and Treasurer. This vote will take place each year regardless of the staggered terms for Board positions. The Chair and the Treasurer must be different persons.

      1. Chair -- Responsibilities

        The Chair will be responsible for leading ImmInst to successfully pursue its mission. The Chair will be responsible for coordinating a yearly conference for the benefit of ImmInst members, and for acting as a liaison to other like-minded organizations.

      2. Treasurer -- Responsibilities

        The Treasurer is the administrator of ImmInst funds. The Treasurer will be responsible for reporting to the Board each August 20 and January 20 on all financial aspects of ImmInst for the previous six months (Jan 1 - July 31 & Aug. 1 - Dec. 31).

    4. Filling Vacancies Among Directors

      If one of the offices becomes vacant during the course of a year, the Board shall hold a special meeting to fill it as soon as possible. The vacant office shall be filled by authoritative directorial vote. A Director elected to fill a vacancy shall be elected for the unexpired term of his predecessor in office.

    5. Removal of a Sitting Director

      A sitting director can be removed by a majority vote in a full membership referendum, and an accompanying simple majority in a directorship vote.

Article V. -- Meetings & Voting Procedures

  • Section 1 -- Meetings
    1. By default, all meetings — including meetings of the Directors — held by ImmInst shall be held in an electronic communicative network as provided by the ImmInst website forums. Members may represent themselves by utilizing an electronic alias as described in Bylaw A. The ImmInst electronic facilities shall be considered an ongoing congregation of members as long as they are commonly and usually accessible.
    2. For the purpose of quorum, all members shall be considered present, unless and until a member has given notice of absence. Note of absence can be given by posting to the website forums or by notifying an ImmInst Director in person or in writing. It is the sole responsibility of any member to give note of absence. Notices of absence must be taken into account when determining quorum.
  • Section 2 -- Voting
    1. All issues arising can be made subject to vote by any ImmInst leader.
    2. Votes can either be simple or authoritative directorate votes or referenda. Instances that require a vote according to this Constitution can only be resolved by a vote in the form described.
    3. Votes must contain a voting brief that clearly outlines how to vote and what the options are. All votes must be presented in a way as to allow a categorical and categorizable answer. The brief should explain the way that results will be computed, the designated voting period as well as other intrinsic circumstances and requirements of the vote. All votes must allow for an “abstention” option.
    4. Votes are usually conducted electronically on the ImmInst website. Votes can also be conducted by other forms of communication as instructed in the vote brief.
  • Section 3 -- Directorial Votes
    1. All votes of the Board of Directors are resolved by single majority of all votes cast unless this Constitution requires an authoritative majority. An authoritative majority consist of at least five (5) Directors voting in favor of the motion.
    2. In the case of equal outcomes, the Chair shall determine the outcome of the vote.
    3. Directorial votes will be made available to voting for no less than forty-eight (48) hours.
  • Section 4 -- Referenda
    1. All Full Members may vote in a referendum.
    2. Referenda will be made available to voting for no less than eight (8) days. After this period, any Director can mark a vote as closed by computing the official vote tally.
    3. Referenda shall be carried by simple majority of all votes cast. Referenda with multiple choices will be determined by favoring the choice with the greatest percentage. In the case of equal outcomes, the motion shall be considered defeated.
  • Section 5 -- Special Referendum: Election of Directors
    1. The special referendum shall be organized by those Directors whose positions are not to be filled in this election. If at all possible, they shall also appoint an election watchperson who oversees the proper conduct of the election. This person shall not be a member of the board nor stand for election in this round.
    2. Nominations for directorship shall be registered each year from Jan 1st (12am Eastern US) and end January 8th (12am Eastern US). All Full Members in good standing can nominate themselves.
    3. Votes may be cast from January 9th (1pm Eastern US) to February 8th (12am Eastern US). All ImmInst Full Members in good standing can vote. A voter can cast a vote for as few as one candidate or as many as all candidates on the ballot. However, a voter cannot cast more than one vote per each candidate.
    4. Accepting candidates with the highest number of votes are elected as Directors until all vacant seats are filled. If the last remaining seat(s) are claimed by candidates with equal votes in their favor, a new referendum shall be called where only these candidates stand to fill only the remaining seat(s). This second special referendum shall be resolved within four (4) days and be repeated as necessary until all positions are filled. Accepting candidates with the highest number of votes are elected as Directors. All Directors remain in office until all elections for the coming term have been resolved at which point the Directors whose term has ended and who were not re-elected shall be replaced by the newly elected Directors.
  • Section 6 -- Anti-Takeover Clause

    If the current board reaches the decision that any section of Article II of this Constitution would be compromised by the possible outcome of any vote, it may, by directorial vote halt and reschedule the vote for no less than thirty (30) days.

  • Section 7 -- Veto

    The Chair may, by public declaration, halt and reschedule any vote for no more than thirty (30) days.

  • Section 8 -- Amendments

    This Constitution may only be amended by a referendum and an additional authoritative directorial majority, with the exception of amending representative facts such as changes in the names of the Directors or the address. Such changes are automatically considered authorized.

    Bylaws may only be set up and amended by authoritative directorial majority. No Bylaw may contravene any clause of this Constitution.

Article VI. -- Budget

  • Section 1 -- Expenses
    1. Expenses may only be incurred by a Director for the purpose of furthering the ImmInst mission.
    2. Any expense incurred on behalf of ImmInst must be approved by the Treasurer before it is incurred. A Treasurer may approve or veto an expense in full or in part.
    3. A Treasurer's decision to approve or veto an expense may be overturned by simple directorial vote.
  • Section 2 -- Sustainability
    1. ImmInst may not incur debts that exceed its current assets.
    2. ImmInst may not sign up to or engage in any activity that involves a variable financial expenditure if that expenditure could possibly exceed current assets and where there is no reasonable option to disengage from the activity in due time to prevent this occurrence.
  • Section 3 -- Dedicated Donations
    1. A donation shall be considered dedicated if the donor clearly states that the donation is to be used for a specific purpose only and outlines that purpose upon making the donation.  Anonymous donations cannot be considered to be dedicated.
    2. ImmInst Leadership will decide whether the donation is considered anonymous or not.
    3. Donations cannot be dedicated after they have been received.
    4. Dedicated donations may only be used for the purpose of their dedication.
    5. Membership donations are not considered dedicated donations.
    6. Dedicated donations that cannot be used for the purpose of their dedication within twelve (12) months shall be returned to the donor unless the dedication specifies otherwise.

Article VII. -- Definitions

  • Section 1 -- Definition

    The following terms used in this document are to be interpreted in the following manner:

    • Forum Member or Basic Member - Registered contributor to the website forums pledged to abide by the ImmInst user agreement (Bylaw A). Basic Forum Membership does not constitute Full Membership into ImmInst.
    • Full Members - Any member who makes a donation to ImmInst which brings them into current status as an active support by way of either subscription or lifetime membership donation. Full Members would naturally include all ImmInst Leaders.
    • ImmInst Leaders - A Full Member who has been elected to a position of leadership by way of a vote. Leaders include Directors, Advisors, Navigators, and Spokespersons.
    • Forum(s) - Short for either Main Forum or an Individual Forum:
    • Main Forum - Describes the total website area where members exchange information and interact in electronic medium. The Main Forum consists of Forum Categories, Individual Forums, Forum Topics or Threads, and individual Forum Posts.
    • Individual Forum - Subset branch of the Main Forum where members may start a Forum Topic or Thread.
    • Forum Category - Describes a section under the Main Forum that consists of Individual Forums.
    • Topic or Thread - Individual, member-started nodes of exchange under a specific Forum Category within an Individual Forum.
    • Posts - Individual responses to a Forum Topic or Thread.
  • Section 2 -- Further Definitions
    1. Definitions may be outlined in Bylaws.
    2. If in doubt, the Chair may state a valid definition of any term or phrase in any ImmInst document, until overruled by a Bylaw or by this Constitution.

Article VIII. -- Enactment

  • Section 1 -- Enactment

    This Constitution with all its articles, sections, subsections including Bylaws A, B, and C shall come into force on the 30th of December, 2003 only after a unanimous vote in the affirmative by the ImmInst Board.

  • Section 2 -- Leadership
    1. The following four (4) persons are considered Directors of ImmInst
      until elections are held in January 2004:

      • Kenneth X. Sills
      • Kevin Perrott
      • Reason
      • Sebastian Sethe
    2. The following three (3) persons are considered Directors of ImmInst
      until elections are held in January 2005:

      • Bruce J. Klein
      • Michael Anissimov
      • Susan Fonseca-Klein
    3. The newly constituted board will inform the membership of the id entity of the Chair, the Treasurer, and of other ImmInst Leaders within eight (8) days.

Bylaw A

ImmInst members must adhere to the following agreement or risk losing membership privileges.

ImmInst User Agreement & Disclaimer

  • Registration: Members must be at least 13 years old.
  • Privacy: Information posted to the forums becomes public information. ImmInst is not responsible for the privacy practices of its

  • Copyright: When posting copyrighted material, members should only post as much material as needed to make the relevant point. Members should
    give credit to the original author and post reference information.

  • Individual Views: Posts by individual members do not necessarily represent the views of ImmInst.
  • External Linkage: ImmInst cannot be held responsible for the content of web sites or files linked to other sites posted by members within the

  • Malicious Attacks: ImmInst has a zero tolerance policy for any individual or group which tries to disrupt the usual flow of information in the ImmInst forums or chat room. Examples include, but are not limited to, such things as spamming and hacking. Such individuals will be banned from posting either immediately or after due warning depending on the incident.
  • Authority: ImmInst Leadership has the authority to edit, move or remove any post which does not follow Posting Guidelines. ImmInst leaders will use this authority only if they feel the mission is in jeopardy.
  • Free Speech Forum: ImmInst will reserve a forum for the expression of free speech. This forum will be named the “Free Speech Forum”. ImmInst will not restrict speech in this forum in so far as speech remains lawful as enforced by the United States government. Members who visit the Free Speech Forum should be prepared to tolerate objectionable material.
  • Disclaimer: ImmInst cannot be held responsible for problems associated with any ideas or suggestions made and found in the forums and/or in any correspondence in association with ImmInst. All recommendations for supplement intake, bodily enhancement and/or augmentation, etc. should be considered with caution. Individuals are advised to seek advice from a qualified physician before acting upon any recommendations.

Bylaw B

Currently membership donations up to and exceeding the following amounts will grant the donating Individual Full Membership for
the specified time-frame:

ImmInst Membership Dues Structure

  1. $ 5.00 – Full membership for 30 days since receipt of the donation.
  2. $ 50.00 – Full membership for 365 days since receipt of the donation.
  3. $ 20.00 – Full membership for 365 days since receipt of the donation for individuals who can demonstrate that they are enrolled as a student in university or similar institution at the time of donating, or in financial circumstances meriting special consideration. Whether this requirement is fulfilled in any given case will be decided by the Treasurer.
  4. $ 500.00 – Lifetime Membership as long as no exceptional circumstances necessitates reconsideration on the part of ImmInst as decided by authoritative directorial vote.

Bylaw C

ImmInst Leadership Positions

    Section 1 – All Leadership


    1. All leaders must supply a copy of an acceptable identification document and contact details to be stored in Director archive.
    2. All leaders must disclose any commercial interests they have in areas which could reasonably constitute a conflict of interest, e.g., in areas in which they are to provide expert advice or moderation duties.
    3. All leaders must provide evidence of academic credentials and professional memberships claimed.
    4. It is contingent upon the acceptance of the appointment of Advisors, Navigators, and Spokespersons—or upon acceptance of the election of Directors—to enter into an agreement to abide by the regulations of the ImmInst Constitution, Bylaw C, and any requirements passed in accordance with Bylaw C, Section 1, Paragraph (2b).

    Section 2 -- Directors

    1. Seven elected individuals. Their duties are outlined in the Constitution above.

    Section 3 -- Advisors


    1. The role of ImmInst Advisor is to provide expert advice to the Institute (leadership) rather than members.
    2. Advisors may facilitate and moderate discussion in their respective fora; however, they are not appointed by ImmInst leadership to give authoritative advice to the general membership or public unless provided with the express authority of Imminst leadership.
    3. Advisor Election & Term

    4. Accepting individuals to the roll of ImmInst Advisor shall be approved by an authoritative majority by the Board of Directors. The specific expertise of the advisor must be stated.
    5. An Advisor's term ends when the Advisor resigns or by authoritative directorial vote.
    6. The conduct of any Advisor when posting in the Health Sciences fora and between them and the Membership

      1. Definition of Health Sciences encompasses any area that relates to issues of human health outside of research (including but not limited to: nutrition, exercise, pharmaceuticals and medical treatments)
      2. When Advisors communicate with members they must present information in a non-authoritative manner i.e. “it may be of help” rather than “this will help”
      3. Whenever possible, any information provided by an Advisor to a member should be accompanied by one or more references from a peer reviewed medical journal.
      4. The following indemnity must be attached to all posts by any Advisor made in Health Sciences fora:


        1. Readers must seek professional medical advice prior to embarking on any course or treatment associated with the information provided in the above post.
        2. Readers must determine what government regulations exist associated with the procurement and use of restricted substances such that they do not contravene any laws in their country.
        3. Any and all advice and/or opinion provided in the health related areas is strictly personal and never endorsed by this institute, nor should it be construed to be the official policy of ImmInst to provide health advice.
    7. The Purpose of, and general conduct within the Health Sciences Fora

      1. The health sciences fora are provided as an area for the open exchange of anecdotal experience and information, not as a professional source of advice. Users of these fora should understand that they use the information found in these areas strictly at their own risk.
      2. These subjects are sponsored for self help only and are not to be used for the promotion of any specific products or companies. Individuals attempting to market in these fora without first obtaining permission are subject to immediate censure and suspension of their posting priviledges.
      3. Licensed corporations seeking to advertise in our fora must first apply to the leadership for such approval and while promoting their company and general line of products should never attempt to imply any official endorsement by this organization for the sale of any specific product or the promotion of any procedure.

    Section 4 -- Navigators


    1. Navigators moderate individual electronic forum(s) on ImmInst's website. Moderation includes the starting and closing of discussions, editing contributions where appropriate and helping inexperienced contributors and members.

      Navigator Election

    1. Accepting individuals to the roll of ImmInst Navigator shall be approved by simple directorial majority.
    2. A Navigator's term ends when the Navigator resigns or by directorial vote.

      Chief Navigator

    1. A chief navigator will be appointed by authoritative directorial vote to oversee the activities of all the other navigators and guide moderation in general. The chief navigator will have director level data access. Their appointment must be reaffirmed annually. Their term ends by resignation, by simple directorial vote, or by failing to be reaffirmed.

    Section 5 -- Spokesperson(s)


    1. Spokespeople (who need not be members of the Board of Directors) are authorized to represent ImmInst on specific occasions or for a specific period of time.

      Spokesperson Election

    1. Accepting individuals to the roll of Spokesperson shall be approved by simple directorial majority.
    2. A Spokesperson's term ends as specified in the appointment or when the member resigns or by directorial vote.

    Section 6 -- Engineer(s)


    1. Engineers work on the software the Institute uses. They help with, among other things, identifying software errors and inefficiencies, improving the running of the software, establishing new software, advising on software options and keeping data secure from unwanted interference. Engineers will have far reaching data access at the discretion of the Chief Engineer.

      Engineer Election

    1. Accepting individuals to the roll of ImmInst Engineers shall be approved by simple directorial majority, subject to signing a pledge to keep ImmInst data secure and confidential, and only to use this data for developing ImmInst software.
    2. An Engineer's term ends when the Engineer resigns, or by directorial vote.

      Chief Engineer

    1. A Chief Engineer will be appointed by authoritative directorial vote to oversee the activities of all the other Engineers and guide software development in general. Their term ends by resignation, by simple directorial vote, or by failing to be reaffirmed. The chief engineer will have far reaching data aces at the discretion of the Board.

    Posting Guidelines

    The following guidelines are here to promote constructive and thought provoking discussion. Please consider these guidelines carefully when participating in forum discussions.

    Please Be Courteous
    Please Be Informative
    Please Be Relevant
    Please Be Accessible

    Forum posts and topics which fail to adhere to these guidelines are subject to moderation as granted by the ImmInst User Agreement.


    • Be polite when replying to others.
    • Avoid using derogatory language.
    • Maintain a constructive attitude.
    • Attack ideas and not people.


    • Be informative and clear when posting.
    • Before creating a new topic, check to see if the topic hasn't already been created elsewhere.


    • Avoid making duplicate posts.
    • Post topics under the appropriate forums.
    • Keep follow-up posts on topic.
    • Avoid posting advertisements or Spam.


    • Be sure that the posted text is readable.
    • Use emoticons/smiles sparingly.
    • Post pictures when relevant by not excessively.