Below are just a handful of reasons to become a member of the Immortality Institute

Direct Benefits:

1. Vote in director elections and on important referenda. You become a shareholder of the organization and help determine future initiatives.

2. Access the members forum in order to discuss projects, share photos among fellow advocates, and share resources not open to the public.

3. Receive periodic discounts on scientific journals. In 2007 Immortality Institute members received an online subscription to Rejuvenation Research for less than 1/10 the normal price.

4. Receive discounts to Immortality Institute sponsored conferences.

5. New members sign-ups have at times also received free hardcover copies of books such as “The First Immortal” by James Halperin, “Fantastic Voyage” by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, and “The Scientific Conquest of Death” by the Immortality Institute.

These benefits have been periodic throughout the life of the organization and Imminst leadership is always looking for new benefits for Institute members.

Community Support:

By joining as a member and supporting the Immortality Institute you are helping the world’s premier grassroots life extension organization push the limits of human longevity. Without your support, projects such as the documentary film “Exploring Life Extension”, the groundbreaking book “The Scientific Conquest of Death”, and the F@H prize, would be nearly impossible. The Institute is also exploring research scholarships for students – which is yet another testament to member support.

Your support also helps the organization maintain the most active and informative life extension forums on the Internet. There are many worthy like-minded organizations around the world but few are able to do so much with so little as the Immortality Institute. You can become a “shareholder” for a little as $5.00 for one month or $20/$50 (student/professional) for one year. Please join the revolution today.

Make a onetime donation or join as a Member:

$5 per month
$20 per year (student)
$50 per year (employed)
$500 Lifetime Member (onetime)

Choose one to become a Member:

Unconvinced? Why should I become a Member?

Your $5 (student/monthly), $20 (student/yearly), or $50 (professional/yearly) membership donation can also be made by check. Please send membership donations payable to "Immortality Institute" to the following address:

Immortality Institute
c/o Justin Loew
1022 Stark Street
Wausau, WI 54403

Also, please include a note indicating your user/display name in the forums. Attach a note or write it in the note section of the check.